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i am antonio saraiva.


Hi there, It’s nice to make your acquaintance.

Born in macau in 1990, i moved to portugal in 1997 and rode my first wave in 2001. since then I kept developing a passion for riding waves and prioritizing the ocean as my ground floor . Over the last 20 years, I’ve combined the wave hunting-lifestyle with a passion for photography and video, that allowed me to find myself comfortable and thrilled in any rough environment.

graduated myself in cinema, started working as a location scouter for international campaigns and now I’m endlessly striving to capture unique liquid cinematic moments of this vast ecosystem we call water.

I've been working and travelling through unique places shooting surf, brands, and people's stories and skills.

i've reached a symbiosis with the ocean that i consider it my second element. it has given me not only my happiest moments of joy riding waves but also my favourite professional successes throughout photo libraries, published contents, editorial exposure, advertising campaigns and so on.

if you'd like to create something a little different. A little edgier. rich in personality and ephemeral. let's talk!



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